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12 - 15 May

Book World Prague 2016
22nd international book fair and literary festival

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1) The Jiri Theiner Award is named after the man who for many years was editor-in-chief of the magazine Index on Censorship, which has been published in the United Kingdom since 1972 and engages with issues related to freedom of expression.

2) The award will be conferred by Book World Ltd. and will be administered by Dr Dana Kalinová, managing director of Book World Ltd.

3) The award will be made to a living person or institution operating abroad who or which by their or its acts, initiatives and/or long-term endeavours has made an important contribution to the dissemination and promotion of Czech literature beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.

4) The prize is connected with a financial award of £1000. It may be received only once.

 5) The award is conferred once a year as part of the Book World Prague international book fair and literary festival.

6) The selection process comprises the collecting of nominations and the subsequent choice by committee of the winner of the award.

7) Nominations may be made by representatives of the professional public (eg., publishers, librarians, university staff, institutions concerned with literature and book culture) and members of the awarding committee. A nomination must include the full name of the nominated individual or institution (plus contact details), the nominee’s field of activity, and reasons why the nominee is deserving of recognition.  

8) The winner will be chosen by a five-member committee appointed by Book World Ltd. in each case for a period of 4 years. Pavel Theiner, son of Jiri (George) Theiner and donor of the financial award, is a permanent, honorary member of the committee. The chair of the committee is involved in the preparation of proceedings and has the same voting rights as its other members.

9) The closing date for nominations is in every case 15 February at 12 midnight. Nominations received after this deadline will not be included in the selection procedure. (Nominations will be received from 1 July of the previous year.)

10) The Jiri Theiner Award is managed and administered by BookWorld Ltd., which calls for nominations, appoints the awarding committee, promotes the award and organizes a gala prize-giving that includes the meeting of costs for the winner to travel to the Czech Republic. Any possible changes to the statues of the Award may be implemented by Book World Ltd. only.